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How to take AMAZING Photos for your Business

Startup companies and beginner photographers are often frustrated when they have to produce professionally looking images for their website or ads. Most want to capture the type of photo that is seen in magazine spreads, but that requires the right equipment, skills and loads of experience.

Good news, there are easier ways of making your amateur images look professional and stand-out from the crowd.

Plan your Photoshoot
Before starting any photo session, sit down and think about what type of photos you want to take. Consider, what scenery your images will be placed in; what mood or message you want your viewer to see and what will be the purpose of these photos.

PRO TIP: Photos taken for an online shop (eCommerce Website) will ideally be minimalistic, clean and with a white background. Photos taken for an advertisement (say, for social media) will ideally be colourful with a suitable background.

Website Photo Shoot
Learn to hold the Camera
If you want your photos to look great, you need to keep your camera as still as possible. It’s not easy but start with holding your camera with both hands and supporting your elbows on the side of your body. If you’ve got the budget for it, invest in a sturdy camera tripod or gimble.
Camera Settings
If you’ve got a professional DSLR camera, make a point of it to learn all the settings and functions – this will make a world of difference in your photos. If you don’t have a fancy camera, no worries. With technology evolving at such a rapid pace, your smartphone’s camera will also be able to do the job. Again, make sure you’ve figured out all the settings starting.
Good Lighting
For photos to look good there needs to be plenty of light to shine on the object. Natural light (for example, sunlight) is a good source of lighting but if you’re worried about the lighting changing as the day goes by, try investing in a few lightboxes or table lamps.

PRO TIP: Make sure your lighting isn't too harsh or over exposed. Try using a soft light source with a diffuser.

Get a Background
Keeping your background plain and simple will ensure the product you are trying to sell doesn’t get lost in the shot. While other light colors like pale blue, pink, and yellow can often work well, white is always a great option to ensure your product is the star against a crisp and clean background.
Before and After Photo Edit
Framing your Objects
Over time you’ll want to learn as much as possible about composition. A good source of inspiration would be to browse Pinterest. Look at examples of product photography, product videography or advertisement. Even have a look at your competitors website and analyze what makes their images look good.
Product Photo Shoot
Edit your Photos
Aside from impronging your photography techinques, you should also look into learning to edit your photos. It will provide you the opportunity to make lots of great improvement that really bring out the best in you photo. Look at professional software like Adobe Photoshop or free editing software like GIMP.
If you follow everything described above, you will find that your photography begins to improve by leaps and bounds. From there it is really just a question of continuing to practice your technique to hone it, and trying to experiment and pick up new skills to expand your horizons.
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