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True Health is Wealth


Nutridry (Pty) Ltd

Health & Wellness

Packaging Design
Website Design
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Nutridry is a leading South African manufacturer of natural plant-based products. Their Mission is to improve people lives in quality and healthier living, by adding important nutrients to their diets. They want to educate people on the importance of nutrients found in plant-based products.


Established in 2020, Nutridry required an identity that is bold, confident, elegant, and refined in a manner as the name ‘Nutritional’ suggests. The brand needed to ever-evolving and in 2021 expanded is branding to include NutriCaps, NutriPowder, NutriSnacks and Natural Healthy Living.

Additionally, in 2022 Nutridry again expanded is branding to include NutriMe and Pouches SA.


We developed a logo and identity that is fitting with the client’s philosophy of healthy & modern. The logo was created as a combination of a word mark and icon, using a soft modern rounded font with a unique touch.

Marketing brochures & advertisements where an integral part of Nutridry’s marketing communications. We developed a set of foldable brochures, Magazine Ads, and display advertisement.