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Who designed it?

Famous logos and who designed it.

A logo is one of the first thing people see when buying products or services. Logos serve as proof that what they are buying is genuine and legitimate — it helps make a bang-on first impression. After you make that first impression, you want your logo to remain in the minds of your customers and last for months, years, and or decades to come.
The Apple Logo - Rob Janoff

In 1977, Rob Janoff, an American graphic designer and art director, was tasked by Steve Jobs to create the iconic Apple Computer’s logo. “Create an apple with a bit out of it”, they requested. The coloured stripes in the logo were to indicate that Apple machines had coloured screens, which was printed with it’s own specially mixed colours – a considerable extra expense which Jobs approved because he felt the more vivid colours improved people’s emotional response.

Production artwork was then developed for print ads, signage hardware emblems and software labels on cassette tapes, all in preparation for the launch of the Apple II in April of 1977 at the West Coast Computer Fair. For the next 20 years, the now famous “rainbow version” logo adorned all Apple products from its computer products to the Newton PDA. The only concept ever presented to Apple was an immediate success!

Apple Logo Evolution
The Microsoft Logo - Simon Daniels

If you ever used one of the billions of Windows computers in the world, played Xbox, talked on Skype, posted your LinkedIn, or played Minecraft, you’ve seen this iconic logo. Design in 1975, by a designer by the name of Simon Daniels, sat down with William Gates and his friend Paul Allen and started conceptualizing this logo.

In 2012 Microsoft shifted back to a more straightforward font logo and added in an iconic window feature. The bright colour combination of the square panes is the first time Microsoft shifted away from the B&W look.

The symbol of the squares represents all of Microsoft’s diverse products. It offers a very direct callback to the Windows logo—which makes sense because that is Microsoft’s biggest revenue source and a big part of its history.

After 45 years of logo history, it looks like the newest Microsoft logo will be around for a while.

Microsoft Logo Evolution
The Coca-Cola Logo - Frank M Robinson
The Coca-Cola logo is iconic for being universally recognisable. However, you may be surprised to know the brand’s world-famous script and wave haven’t always looked exactly as they do now. In 1886, Dr John S Pemberton perfected the formula, but it was his bookkeeper who came up with the name “Coca-Cola®”. Robinson designed the now world famous Coca-Cola script for the logo. He wanted the name for the new product to have an effective and dramatic style of its own. He experimented with an elaborate Spencerian script, a form of penmanship characteristic of that time. Drawn in flowing handwriting, Robinson’s elaborate script was very “of the moment”, and it remains one of the most recognisable trademarks in the world.
Coca-Cola Logo Evolution
The McDonald’s Logo - Jim Schindler
The McDonald’s Golden Arches logo is one of the most recognizable in the world and has been for decades. The iconic logo has changed several times over the past few years. The first logo being designed in 1940. However, when the ’60s came around McDonald’s wanted to simplify their logo and work on branding the business. It was then that designer Jim Schindler was hired to create a more “corporate” logo. He designed the golden arches logo most recognizable today. Choosing the golden arches as the logo was brilliant and a key move to brand the fast-food restaurant. The most successful advertising campaign in McDonald’s history was created in 2003 by Heye & Partner GmbH. “I’m Lovin’ It” launched in Munich on 2 September 2003 (”Ich liebe es”), with the English-language phase introduced to the UK, Australia and USA soon after. Today the official logo exists in a few shapes and sizes, but all feature the stripped back yellow arches accompanied by the official motto, “I’m Lovin’ It”.
McDonalds Logo Evolution
An iconic logo should be simple enough to digest at a glance, appropriate in communicating a feeling, distinctive enough to commit to memory, versatile enough to work for any size or application, and designed well enough to pass the test of time. Still feeling a bit stuck on your iconic logo? Speak to a professional at Zoeke.co.za for some help.
Who designed it?



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